Forget-me-not: Dementia friendly communities

A woman holding a baguette is reaching across a market stallA suburb of London has just been named as dementia friendly. Now campaigners want the whole of London to be dementia friendly – but what would that mean? Probably the most important factor is the way businesses have come on board with this campaign. The idea is for people with dementia to feel confident in getting out and about and participating for as long as possible. There is no single template for designing for dementia, rather it is based on the local people and their experiences of interacting with the environment and coming up with solutions. It is a bottom up approach to designing which is really the basis of universal design thinking. We could do with more of this thinking in Australia. The article comes from the Guardian online newspaper.

You can also find out what Moonee Valley City Council in Melbourne is doing. They have developed a toolkit on this topic.