Found at IKEA

Picture shows a long island bench with white drawer cupboards and a timber benchtop. It has a low section attached to the front of the bench with a knee hole with two child sized bar stools. The knee space could just as easily suit a wheelchair userLook what I found at IKEA at Marsden Park NSW while walking around! A kitchen design that is set up for children, but could just as easily suit a wheelchair user or a person of short stature. Good and thoughtful design – universal design – is flexible and useable for a range of people. The lower section of bench can be used for food preparation as well as eating, or even writing. The child-sized bar-stools are a neat feature as well.

Note also the drawers instead of cupboards throughout – another convenience for everyone. Just visible to the far left of the picture is a fixed wall unit with a wheeled trolley underneath – another feature where, for example, a microwave can be housed with knee access underneath once the trolley is removed. Not sure if IKEA had inclusion in mind when they did this, but at least it is an example of flexible design that others might follow. If you spot good inclusive designs, take a picture and send it to me at Examples of good designs are not easy to find. Jane Bringolf, Editor.