From specialised to ubiquitous

standard jug lifted in the air to read the levelWhen product designers start with a “disability market” focus they can be surprised to find they have created an easy to use product for everyone. The OXO Good Grips story is just one such example – an item designed for someone with arthritic hands has evolved into a range of some of the best selling kitchen OXO jug with level markers that can be read from looking down into the jugutensils on the market. A good example is being able to easily read the liquid level in a measuring jug. Instead of reading from the side of the jug (a bit hit and miss), with the OXO jug you can see the level from above and get it right first time – so much more convenient!

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Editor’s note: Arthritis Australia has been working with several product manufacturers in Australia to reconsider some of their packaging designs. I will post information on their activities soon. In marketing theory the packaging is considered part of the product which is why so much emphasis is put on making packaging look good. However, if you can’t open the carefully designed packaging, you can’t use the product.