Handbook for inclusive tourism

cover of the handbook in black and whiteUniversal Design: A Guide for Inclusive Tourism was created by Scott Rains, a well known travel writer and thought leader in accessible and inclusive travel and tourism. The information is presented succinctly with one topic per page. Pictures and graphics are used extensively. In the introduction Scott explains why he doesn’t use the term “accessible tourism”. He explains, “When people hear the word “accessible” attached to tourism they think they have a pretty good idea what that means. This is the problem. Almost everybody thinks they know what it means but, since it has never been fully defined, almost everybody has invented their own personal definition. That is a recipe for disaster. It is possible for a place to be accessible while the activities taking place there or the attitudes of those employed there remain grossly exclusionary”.
Scott Rains has white hair and beard. He is wearing a red shirt and you can see he is seated in a wheelchairScott, a passionate advocate for universal design, passed away in 2016, but it is good to see his work continued by others across the globe. He was the publisher of an e-newsletter, Rolling Rains, to help promote the concepts.