Hearing Augmentation Resources

an airport business lounge with two people sitting in arm chairs and two people standingIf you want to get up to speed with hearing augmentation, the ClearaSound website has several good resources that can be downloaded. The Hearing Augmentation Systems Comparison is probably the most important fact sheet for explaining the different systems. Follow this up with a fact sheet on which technology is still relevant – this is one area where the basic system-type hasn’t changed over the years even if the details of the technology have improved. There are other fact sheets and a checklist, and some information about live captioning and why it isn’t the perfect answer for everyone. 

A hearing loop system is preferred by people with hearing aids and easier for venue owners to service in most cases. Where a hearing loop system cannot be installed due to ceiling heights or other building construction issues, an FM system is required. An infrared system is mostly applied where confidentiality is required for security reasons.

Clearasound is the new name for Printacall.