It’s the economy stupid! But who’s listening?

Front cover of the reportCentre for Inclusive Design claims a “world first” report on the economics of inclusion. While not exactly a world first on presenting economic analyses of inclusive business practice, it does cover some areas not covered before. The report analyses education, retail and financial services and argues inclusive design can drive financial, economic and social improvements.

“Inclusive design is a no-regrets process that creates significant benefits which are currently being left on the table. It is an overlooked step in maximising the potential of Australian business and ensuring a more productive Australia.” This is a quote from Jeremy Thorpe, Partner and Chief Economist, PwC. 

You can read the overview on the Centre for Inclusive Design website, or download the full report, The Benefit of Designing for Everyone. Alternatively there is an infographic of the report. which has the key findings and the numbers presented in an easy to read format.

It is good to see more work being done on the economics of inclusion. However, such arguments over the last ten years have yet to make their mark. The inclusive tourism industry is testament to that as well as the housing industry. Let’s hope someone is listening and willing to act.