Put the ability in liveability and lovability

A busy neighbourhood scene with different buildings and a tree in the footpath.Lucina Hartley writes a thoughtful piece about city lovability versus liveability. She asks what really makes us happy? It is far more than bricks, mortar and services. In her article, Hartley says it’s the softer values, like behaviour and experience that matter most. Livability describes access to physical attributes such as schools, shops and jobs. Lovability is about how we feel, which is important for our health and wellbeing. She cites different research studies of different types of neighbourhoods and their design features. In the context of big data is it important to know what we are measuring and counting what counts. The article has links to key references and is published by University of Melbourne. This magazine article is an easy read.

Editor’s comment: While these sentiments are commendable, they leave out a significant portion of our population who still don’t have basic liveability. That is, access to schools, shops, jobs and transport. And it is a very city centric view of the world.