A train that flies?

TShows a white set of plane wings with a fuselage pod underneath aking off for a new adventure or a new adventure taking off? The latest idea could make accessing aircraft so much easier for everyone, especially smaller ones.  An article in the New Daily explains this sci-fi idea. Imagine boarding the aircraft body at a train station and then being transported to the wings of the aircraft sitting on the tarmac. Time would be saved as passengers could be processed on the go. There seems to be no shortage of ideas now that disrupt the way we think about everything we do.  The article has a mock up video of this Link & Fly idea. You can see it below. There is no narration, only music, so no captions.

Futuristic flying trains could be on their way


Aircraft cabin design

Picture shows the front view of a sea plane on the tarmacAir travel has seen significant growth in recent years, but many of the issues of accessibility and inclusion have yet to be resolved. Some horror stories are reported in the media, but this has not resulted in the changes needed for worry-free journeys for all. Getting from the drop off point to the aircraft seat is fraught with many potential obstacles. Carina Campese et al describe their visits to assistive technology companies and trade fairs to find appropriate equipment that airlines might use to make life easier for people experiencing difficulty with mobility, hearing and vision. They have some good recommendations for airlines and airport authorities based on their research. They acknowledge that staff training is also an essential element and will be the subject of subsequent research. The sea plane pictured indicates some of the difficulties airlines face in embracing accessibility for all.