Transport access improving but…

picture of a station platform in the UK with a train standing at the platform and passengers walkingThis article from the Guardian in the UK reports on a survey of people with disability and their use, or non-use, of trains. The resulting report, Spaces and Places for Everyone, is now available. There is a great video below of Francesca Martinez, who has cerebral palsy, calls herself the “wobbly woman”. She is yet another to bemoan the fact that accessibility is often tacked on as an afterthought instead of thinking and designing inclusively at the start of a project. 

You can go to the UK Network Rail website to download their Space and Places for Everyone strategy and other documents and videos on access and inclusion for transport.

Martinez says, “People dash, and I can’t dash – it’s very stressful and I feel very vulnerable. That fear or panic or desperate attempt to find a staff member, who are like, who’s this crazy wobbly woman?”

Francesca Martinez is a comedian and tells her story in an interesting way.