5 Pillars of Inclusive Smart Cities

Slide from James Thurston presentation 5 Pillars of Smart Cities explaining a smart city.A smart city uses communication technology to enhance liveability, workability, and sustainability. While the tech gets smarter it’s not getting more accessible. The most significant barriers to inclusion are lack of leadership, policy, and awareness, and limited solutions. This was part of James Thurston’s keynote, the 5 Pillars of Inclusive Smart Cities.

Head and shoulders of James Thurston. He is wearing a light blue shirt and glasses and smiling to the camera.James Thurston is G3ict’s Vice President for Global Strategy and Development. He previously worked for Microsoft, so he knows the territory well. His keynote presentation at UD2021 Conference showed that technology is improving but it’s not inclusive. Cities have to do a lot more if we are to meet the challenges of the digital world.

He lists the five pillars as:

      1. Strategic Intent: inclusion strategy and leadership
      2. Culture: citizen engagement and transparency
      3. Governance & Process: procurement and partnerships
      4. Technology: Global standards and solution development
      5. Data: Data divide and solutions

These five pillars have 18 Capabilities and 27 Enablers which are explained the Smart Cities for all Toolkit.  There are six key elements in the Toolkit:

      1. Guide to Priority Standards
      2. Guide to Adopting a Procurement Policy
      3. Communicating the Case for Digital Inclusion
      4. Database of Solutions
      5. Maturity Model City Assessments
      6. Inclusive Innovation Playbook. 

You can see a 13 minute video of a previous presentation that covers similar ground.