Accessible housing: still not there, yet.

Three photos in one block showing a bathroom, a bedroom and a kitchenCouncil of Australian Governments has directed the Building Ministers, Forum (BMF) to undertake a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) for accessibility in all new private housing. The COAG Communique of 9 October 2017 states:
“The BMF, in consultation with Disability Ministers, will undertake a national RIA regarding accessible housing for private residences. The RIA will examine the [Livable Housing Australia] silver and gold performance levels as options for a minimum accessible standard; use a sensitivity approach; and be informed by appropriate case studies”.

Blue front cover of National Construction Code Class 2-9 buildingsEditor’s Comment: It is good to see LHA Gold Level being included because Silver Level only provides visitability, not liveability. This is only the beginning of a long process. The state and territory treasurers and disability ministers will be required to get together to discuss the issues. If all succeeds we should see basic access features for all new homes in the National Construction Code. However, at this stage it looks like Red front cover of the National Construction Code Volume 2publication in 2022 in spite of the National Disability Strategy. Jane Bringolf.