Airbnb without leaving home

The shins and feet of a person in bright joggers standing on a skateboard.Airbnb without leaving home doesn’t make sense. But that is what you can get now – an online activity with a small group. The aim is to make travel more inclusive. Airbnb now has Hosts “with neurodiverse guests in mind”. 

Airbnb has announced twelve online experiences for neurodiverse guests. They range from dance classes that teach coordination to skateboarding lessons. This idea is an extension of their “accessibility-centric” online experiences designed for people with disability. The aim of both these experiences is for friends and family to book an experience and share the activity together. All you need is a phone or computer and access to the internet. Airbnb considers this is “travel from home”.

Obviously this was a great idea during the COVID pandemic. It will be interesting to see if the interest continues. Experiences listed in the Airbnb article are from USA, UK and Australia. Prices are very reasonable.

Forbes online magazine has an overview of the experiences for neurodiverse guests.