Architecture and Accessibility Podcast

Panelists sit in chairs on the podium holding microphones.North Sydney Community Centre hosted a panel event for the Sydney Architecture Festival last month. I was honoured to be part of this panel along with access consultant Mark Relf and architect Philip Graus. Each panel member gave a short presentation before engaging in a conversation led by Fenella Kernebone. North Sydney Community Centre has compiled podcasts of each of the presentations and the panel conversation.

The key point of my presentation was that universal design is about the ones we love. (5 mins)

Mark Relf covered some of the history of how accessibility compliance in the built environment has evolved. (16 mins)

And Philip Graus used pictures to illustrate his point about how design should make people feel welcome. (6 mins)

The panel conversation ranged over several topics including housing. This was also a topic of particular interest to the audience in their questions from the floor. (30 mins)

The North Sydney Community Centre webpage has all the podcasts listed including the questions from the audience, and the biographies of panelists. The picture shows left to right, Jane Bringolf, Mark Relf, Philip Graus and Fenella Kernebone.

Jane Bringolf, Editor