Autistic people welcome here: A guide

Front cover of the guide shows a family of a boy, woman, man, girl. They look happy.Visit England has produced a guide for tourism venues on welcoming autistic people. A list of characteristics gives an overview of what it is like to be autistic. Having one or more members of the family with autism can make family outings difficult. But it need not be so. Giving people pre-visit information is essential for helping them cope when they arrive. Case studies highlight successful venues and experiences. The top five tips at the end of the 20 page guide are briefly:

    1. Be patient and give the person space during a meltdown
    2. Notify people of changes to services
    3. Help to alleviate social anxiety
    4. Give people plenty of processing time
    5. Take steps to reduce sensory overload  

The National Autistic Society has an annual award process to recognise businesses and venues committed to improving access to their sites and services. They look at customer information, staff understanding, physical environment, customer experience and promoting understanding.

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