Universal design and 40 Principles of TRIZ

How to solve your technical problems using the 40 Principles of TRIZ.A short paper by Kalevi Rantanen shows how to combine the principles of universal design with the 40 Principles of TRIZ. It gives another perspective on how to apply the principles of universal design in a problem solving context.

The title of the paper is,Homes for Strong Families, Children, Seniors and All Others. How Universal Design, Design for All and Forty Principles of TRIZ Enforce Each Other”. TRIZ is the Russian acronym for “Theory of Inventive Problem Solving”.

The Forty Principles of TRIZ are a list of simple, and easy to learn rules for solving technical and non-technical problems quickly and simply. Studying these existing solutions can inspire people to solve new problems and imagine innovative solutions. They show how and where others have successfully eliminated contradictions. They take us to the proven, powerful recorded solutions contained in the patent database. These 40 Inventive Principles help solve both technical and non-technical problems. 


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