EU tourist guide

Front cover of publication. Blue background with a night time scene across a cityThe European Concept for Accessibility Network (EuCAN) has produced a tourism guide based on their Design for All (Universal Design) principles. Each chapter is a case study, and each discusses the seven success factors, and drivers and obstacles. Cities featured are located in Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain and Australia.

Design for All in Tourist Destinations includes a section on Sydney’s “Cultural Ribbon”, which was written by Simon Darcy and Barbara Almond. It discusses the accessibility of the Sydney Harbour Foreshore precincts including the Sydney Opera House, and Darling Harbour. It is good to see Australia featured in this European publication as an example of best practice. A comprehensive reference list is included.

In the introduction it encourages a business approach rather than a compliance approach which can result in push-back so that the market remains marginalised rather than being seen as a profit centre. ” In the past, it was expected that a person would give up their personal goals, when the environmental or organisational possibilities to make it happen appeared to be too difficult or even unrealistic. Today, we have the technical and organisational means to overcome many barriers and, at the same time, the freedom for personal decision-making has been anchored in a set of nondiscrimination laws.”

Landscape view of Barangaroo Parkland showing a pedestrian, wheelchair user, cyclist and pram pusher

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