Evolving Inclusive Design

Graphic with four vertical bars. From left Product Design, Interface Design, Experience Service, System Design.The concept of inclusive design in UK had a focus on product design, but it has moved on – evolved. A short film, Evolving Inclusive Design explains how the concept has evolved from product design to web design, to service design and then to system design.  

Hua Dong explains the concepts in a straightforward way in the film. In the earlier years the focus was on user capabilities. Then we moved to an interactive focus and design became about the process of using things. User diversity introduces concepts of user experience. The video is 14 minutes but worth the watch. It’s captioned which means you can watch it at an increased speed and still read the captions. 

The film is a great resource for design students and people new to the concepts. 

Inclusive design and universal design are the same thing because they have the same goals. However, there are some who would argue nuanced differences because they come from different histories. Regardless, we need to get on with the job rather than debating terminology. Besides, if universal/inclusive/design-for-all is also about diversity, we can have diverse ways of expressing the conceptThe key is to design for the diversity of the population.