Front door key design: A tweak of difference

A hand is inserting the L shaped key into the lock.
The “L” shaped key head

Improving the design of everyday objects so that more people can use them is not difficult. But when some people can’t use the design, adaptations are required. Thankfully, lever tap handles became the norm and tacked-on tap turners are not needed as much. But there is still a way to go with other everyday items. Take the front door key for example. That design hasn’t changed much at all. Until now. 

FastCompany features a “few brilliant design tweaks” to keys to make them more accessible. It is a great example of design thoughtfulness. The difference with this design is that you can tell which way is up (or down) in the dark. That’s because it is “L” shaped. However, it is still a small key and people with dexterity problems will still need extra size to grip and turn.

A red plastic cover for the head of the key to make grasping easier.
Standard design of a key turner for people with arthritis

People with arthritis will be familiar with the device you can add to your key to make the head larger and easier to turn.

The title of the article is, A few brilliant design tweaks made this common household object way more accessible.