Gender neutral toilets

Sign for a gender neutral toiletLee Wilson covers some of the current issues related to public toilets. He says, “Gender neutral toilets cater for people who for many reasons feel uncomfortable using a toilet that is designated as either male, female or unisex. In the future, we will see an increase in these amenities”.  

Wilson continues, “These people find themselves in gender minority groups that comprise people who may define themselves in a number of ways, including being either intersex, gender neutral, third gender, agender, Mx, genderqueer, genderfluid, non-binary, transgender, or bi-gender. They may also find themselves in a situation where they find performing a bodily function that most people take for granted a stressful event.”  

Katherine Webber did an international study on toilets and toilet needs and behaviour. She links it to social and economic participation. 


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