Ground floor bedroom is a UD concept

A double bed in a room with French windows to an outdoor area.The Colorado Builder magazine has an article that discusses the virtues of a ground floor master bedroom and ensuite in a two storey home. And it has advantages beyond those of finding the stairs difficult and staying home in later age. For this reason it’s argued that it’s a core element of universal design. The article goes on to say that in larger homes, two master bedrooms can be included and this then becomes a bonus feature for visiting relatives, or perhaps after a skiing accident. Here is the list of benefits from the article titled, First-floor master bedrooms: A trend with staying power:

  • As bones and joints age, a main-floor master eliminates the need to climb stairs. It also reduces the risk of falls.
  • As anyone who’s ever lugged a mattress up a narrow flight of stairs can attest, it’s much easier to move furniture in and out of a room on the ground floor.
  • First-floor bedrooms are usually close to the most frequently used spaces in a home, such as the kitchen, living room and entryway, making it easier for residents to catch all the action.
  • Even in a house with two stories, a master suite on the first floor can be constructed in addition to a second-floor master bedroom. This not only makes it easy for homeowners to change rooms as they grow older, but it also provides the perfect space for older overnight visitors. They may also elect to designate the upper floor for the kids’ rooms, a playroom or perhaps a study space, which helps to preserve the master bedroom’s peace and quiet.
  • Adding French or sliding glass doors to main-floor masters makes indoor/outdoor living a breeze.
  • Homes designed with a first-floor master bedroom or suite generally sell faster and for more money.
  • Aging in place becomes a real possibility, and that’s of paramount importance to most Americans.

Editor’s Note: Although this is a great idea for all the reasons above, I wonder how happy people will be about not being able to access their whole home. Another option is to include a storage cupboard arrangement on both floors that can be removed later to allow for a through floor home elevator. This would be closer to a universal design principles than being isolated on the ground floor.