Home and away with bathrooms

A toilet sign with three icons: one indicating female, one male, and one both. The words are we don't care - just wash your hands.The latest access consultants’ newsletter has a focus on bathrooms in different settings as well as continence problems.  Specific designs for aged care settings, and technical information for accessible toilets are covered in this issue.

There’s also a discussion on the best terminology for labelling public toilets. Gender neutral was a term coined a while back, but there are new thoughts. Many people who identify as transgender or intersex feel unsafe in public toilets. A survey in the US found more than half avoided public bathrooms and use strategies like not drinking.

We all have to go at some time, and some more often than others. Bladder problems mean planning trips, short or long, around the availability of public toilets as the first priority. They are essential for getting out and about and staying active.

Bottom line – should we have any toilets designated and signed by gender or should they just be toilets?  As the sign says – Who cares? Just wash your hands.

Other items are World Hearing Day and Autism Awareness Day. The newsletter can be accessed online through issuu, or downloaded in a 9MB PDF file