Inclusive digital design posters

Graphic of a male sitting behind a computer screen with the words web design on the wall behind him.The UK Government has a series of six digital design posters for designers. The aim is to raise awareness of people with different digital access needs. They cover: low vision, deaf and hard of hearing, dyslexia, motor disabilities, users on the autism spectrum and users of screen readers. To keep things simple, the posters are divided into Do and Don’t. The content of each poster is listed on the webpage titled, The Dos and Don’ts on designing for accessibility. 

The dos, that run across various posters, include using things like good colour contrasts, legible font sizes and linear layouts. While there might be some conflicts, such as some people needing bright colour contrast and others not, the guidance also advises to check with users to find the right balance. The posters are produced in different formats to suit different users.