Jeremy the Dud – Dissing the ability

Three men and one woman sit close together on a bench. Jeremy is wearing a lanyard with a blue and white tag. The image is similar to the public toilet sign for men.Jeremy the Dud is a short film where people with disability are the mainstream group, while people without disability are the outsiders. Flipping the concepts around spells out the social conditions they live with 24/7. Jeremy wears a label that says, “without speciality” so that everyone can see he is different. “The tag is there to disclose Jeremy’s status to strangers, to make those “with speciality” more comfortable around him. It is meant to help him avoid embarrassing or offensive situations, he says, but in reality it makes him the subject of uninformed assumptions, belittling comments and patronising “well-meaningness” that borders on the absurd.” 

See the full twenty minutes on the ABC website, or view the trailer on the Guardian website.