Neurodiversity and the happy workplace ebook

Front cover of happy workplace ebook.
Front cover of ebook

Neurodiversity in the workplace is taking off. But is it all magazine articles and human interest stories? Maybe not. People are watching – staff, shareholders and other stakeholders. COVID is challenging the idea and context of work so a happy workplace e-book is welcome.

The Fifth Estate ran an event and the My (new) Happy Healthy Workplace ebook is a result of the presentations. Diversity was the theme that came through most strongly throughout the event. Speakers an panellists agreed that the future of workplaces must cater to diversity as well as happiness and health. 

The ebook on issuu is 66 pages and covers more than the topic of diversity. Nevertheless, it is refreshing to see the topic of neurodiversity at the beginning of the publication. Usually access and inclusion is a mention at the end. A related topic is making sure staff, at home and in the workplace, are safe physically and psychologically.

The format is presented as a straightforward toolkit for employers, and the editor remarks, 

“As a society we’re starting to grasp that we are strongly social, inter-dependent, woven into nature, complex, diverse and both fragile and resilient.”

The Fifth Estate magazine has a focus on sustainability, not just for buildings but for people. This ebook covers a lot of ground and is well laid out with photos to highlight the topics. 

There is a companion article, also by The Fifth Estate, on neurodiversity in the workplace.  Also see the post on designing for workplace diversity