Overview of Web Guidelines 2.1

Set of emoji faces depicting various emotions from happy to sad, and angry to loving.Alan Dalton provides a non-geek look at the WCAG update in his article, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 – for People Who Haven’t Read the Update. The update has 17 success criteria for web accessibility that were added last year by the working group. 

The new criteria make it easier to produce accessible content for people using mobile devices and touchscreens. People with low vision, and people with cognitive and learning disabilities are also covered. Making sure your website can be used in portrait and landscape orientation, colour contrast, graphics and the value of autocomplete are some of the features discussed.

Live captioning and sign language are also included. There are lots of links to other documents for reference. There is also a book list. This article might be non-geek for Alan Dalton, but even with some techo language you can get the gist of what is being updated even if you are not a web designer or technician. As we advance in the digital age this sort of information will be important for everyone who needs to communicate using digital technologies.  

The W3C website has more technical details on WCAG2.1.

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