Product marketing practices need to change

Graph showing the percentage of the population with different disabilitiesA recent Nielsen Report on consumers with disability, including older people, states what is obvious to anyone interested in universal design and inclusion, “Disabilities span across age, race, and gender so there is reason to believe consumers with disabilities should not differ much from the general population. People with disabilities are not a homogeneous group, as each person has unique skills and abilities which impact their unique desires.” 

While serious researchers might have a few problems with their methods, it is good to see that the marketing profession are finally catching up with the notion that there is a large cohort of potential customers just waiting to be served more appropriate products and services. The report, Reaching Prevalent, Diverse Consumers with Disabilities found that one in three households of their sample group of 86,000 people had one or more person with a disability. The graphs are courtesy The Nielsen Company.

Nielsen statistics on the prevalence of disability

This report was found on the Silver Blog which is focused on marketing to older people. There is another item on the dangers of marketing specifically to older adults as this borders on ageism. Older people want brands to focus on needs and interests, not their age.