Guide for Public Interest Design

Cover of publication showing various people in design situationsFor anyone involved in educating and training upcoming designers, this academic guide could be of interest. It has three main parts: Public Interest Design Curricula; Educating the Public Interest Designer; and SEED Academic Case Studies. In the Foreword, “Can Public Interest in Design be Taught?” Rahul Mehrotra reminds us that drawings alone are no longer adequate for communicating design intent – other means are required as well. The primary role of the book is to challenge educational practitioners to educate students who might become alternative practitioners and design for public interest. “These practitioners enter into a potentially more fulfilling relationship with the site, its history, the community of users whose needs they address, and the members of the workforce who are their collaborators”. Public Interest Design Education Guidebook: Curricula, Strategies, and SEED Academic Case Studies, presents a framework necessary to teach public interest designers. There are contributions from a range of authors covering all aspects of design education.

This is an update on the earlier 2016 edition of the Guidebook. SEED is the acronym for “Social Economic Environmental Design”.

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