Towards a more inclusive Melbourne

Front cover of the report.Consulting stakeholders, public transport, footpaths and supportive legislation are key factors for making Melbourne more inclusive. This was the result of a recent research project involving University of Melbourne, City of Melbourne staff and other stakeholders, including people with disability. The 18 page report is sufficiently detailed without being long-winded. 

“Ideas that were considered to be both important and feasible were those relating to: consulting people with disability during planning, educating employers about inclusion and equal opportunity, increasing access to a diversity of employment opportunities, providing accessible government forms, advocating to the state government on the needs of people with disability, ensuring that the City of Melbourne is a visibly inclusive organisation, providing Easy English information about people’s entitlements, and training policy officers and local compliance officers about diversity of disabilities.”

The title of the report is, Making the City of Melbourne more inclusive for people with disability. It is published by University of Melbourne (2019).