Transport design and mental health

Street scene showing level footpath, shade treas, shade umbrella and lots of seatingHow does transport design affect mental health?  With more emphasis on mental health issues, this is a timely question. Delegates at recent international conference in Barcelona participated in a workshop that provided some useful insights into transport related factors that could impact public mental health. While there are many factors that influence mental health, urban design can provide protective factors. Walking is classed as active transport so something as simple as shade trees and space to encourage social interaction can make a difference. However, many other transportation factors were identified by workshop participants and are included in the article in a themed and tabulated form. Some very useful ideas to add to the universal design melting pot. All workshop participants are attributed as authors. The title of the article is Scoping assessment of transport design target to improve public mental health.

More papers from this conference can be found on the journal website.