UD and Norwegian Tourism Services

Tall houses are reflected in the water.The houses are different colours, yellow, red and blueNorway is a leader in implementing the principles of universal design in built and virtual environments. Norwegian tourism services are universally designed in terms of the service itself, but the communication aspect of the service is not. Based on a European Commission report*, people with disability spend more time than others on preparing for a trip to ensure their needs are met. So they need specific information easily found in tourist information material and websites. 

The study used the excellent tourism toolkits from Centre for Excellence in Universal Design in Ireland to assess Norwegian services for accessibility and universal design. The title of the thesis is, “Universal Design in Norwegian Tourism Services for Customer Engagement”. You can download the PDF (10MB) directly, or go to the institutional website to see the abstract and download the document from there. An interesting study for anyone interested in tourism and travel and the CEUD toolkits are also well designed. The logo of Centre for Excellence in Universal Design in Ireland, purple colour circular design.CEUD website has some interesting tourism case studies.



*European Commission Report, “Economic  Impact and Travel Patterns of Accessible Tourism in Europe – Final Report”.