Using social marketing to promote UD principles

A white ball with text related to marketing printed on it in orange and yellowThe goal of social marketing is to change behaviour – a goal shared with those promoting universal design principles. While the consumer or individual is placed at the centre of the project in both cases, social marketing needs to use different tools. Most change takes place when campaigns, such as reducing waste, use personal contacts within a community to communicate and influence. A case study undertaken by Siripan Krasaesan in Thailand, shows how using a TV Program, architecture students and community members can make positive change. The title of the paper is The ‘Muang Jai Dee’ TV program: the use of community based social marketing to promote universal design principles. Here is an extract from the abstract:

“The objective of the study was to consider how several communities in Thailand applied Community-Based Social Marketing (CBSM) to Universal Design (UD) principles to renovate their living spaces to make them more accessible to the disabled and the elderly. The researcher used qualitative methods to gather information by collecting data from documents, from many episodes of the TV program, and from in-depth interviews with those who played a leading role in the program.  The data was then analyzed to identify examples where UD principles had been successfully applied to renovation projects.