What good is design if it’s not for everyone?

Johan Carey in jeans and black polo shirt is on the stage at a Ted Talk“I believe design functions like the soundtrack that we are not fully aware we are playing. It sends subconscious messages about how to feel and what to expect” says John Carey in his Ted Talk. He calls fellow architects to design for people other than themselves – who, for the most part are white males.

John Carey makes more great statements, “Dignity is to design is what justice is to law and health is to medicine”. “The design reflects back to you your value”. “If good design is only for a privileged few, what good is it?” “Good design shapes our idea of who we are in the world and what we deserve.”

Unlike law and medicine, architecture has failed to attract and sustain women and people of colour. This is a passionate talk that does not mention accessibility specifically, but is a call for good design for everyone – to consider everyone in designs. Check it out.


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