When the shop is a screen

A screenshot of the webpage for Mobile Ready Hero Image Guidelines. The title banner is purple with white text. There are 8 product pack shorts in the frame and some explanatory text on the righthand sideSelling online is not just a simple matter of taking a photo of the product and writing a description with the price.  The screen is the shop shelf – it’s a digital shelf. Too often pack shots fail to communicate critical information to shoppers, particularly on mobile devices. 

The Inclusive Design Group at Cambridge University, with their  Mobile Ready Hero Images solve this problem by digitally representing the product and augmenting with off-pack communications. Some of the information can be applied to the selling of experiences, events and services. Adopting the findings from the Cambridge research team, companies such as Proctor and Gamble and Unilever are moving ahead of the rest. In the Bain Brief, Winning the Race for Digital Commerce, senior staff discuss this and other factors in the e-commerce world. The Bain article has an excellent checklist table included. You can see the Mobile Ready Hero Images Guidelines, downloadable templates and the Summary of Recommendations on the Cambridge University dedicated website.