Writing inclusive social media

Social media icons, Facebook, Linked In, Tumblr and PinterestHere are some tips for making social media more accessible, courtesy the Australian Network on Disability blog post which has more detail for each heading. The first in the list is a must. Posting a funny sign or a clever quotation can’t be read by everyone. Make sure the text is part of the post. A very useful webpage with a good deal of information – bookmark it for future reference.

  • Images
    • Include text that is in images in your post
    • Ensure enough contrast between your text and background
    • Provide alternative text for informative images
    • Use emojis and emoticons sparingly
  • Video
    • Provide captions for your videos
    • Provide audio descriptions for your videos
  • Readability
    • Avoid jargon, acronyms and idioms
    • Use CamelCase for hashtags
    • Include hashtags or mentions at the end of your post
    • Create short links or remove redundant links
    • Tell users when linking to an image, video or audio file
    • Thread related Twitter posts on the same topic