Dogs have more clothing choice

A small white poodle dog stands wearing pink ribbons and a pink and black coat that is similar to a human design.Wheelchair user Frances Ryan loves fashion, but “adaptive” clothing is dowdy she says. It’s one thing to have an accessible fashion store, but what if the clothing isn’t suitable for wheelchair users? Ian Streets writes in Linked In that shopping for clothes requires the key elements of access: fitting rooms, aisles, checkouts and toilets. Even online shopping has to be on accessible websites. Good fashion design means looking at the whole shopping experience. Izzy Camilleri is designing more clothes with wheelchair users in mind and some of the designs are going mainstream. When you are seated all the time, waistbands ride up or down, and slide down at the back. Coats need to be cut so they can be put on while seated and styled so they don’t bunch at the back. Camilleri’s new range goes beyond wheelchair users. Horizontal pull tabs, elatic waists and magnetic fastenings all help overcome dexterity issues. You can read more in The Guardian’s article, “Why are there more clothing lines for dogs than disabled people? “