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CUDA’s latest posts archive has the most recent newsletters in the links below. They are in PDF format. Not signed up? Scroll down the left hand menu of the webpage and find the box to subscribe. 

Each newsletter has the latest items posted on this website each week. You can also find all the past content in the general archive section by month, or directly by searching for a topic using the search facility on the website.

There are more than 1,100 items across a wide range of topics. After all, universal design covers everything! 

Summer Edition 2023: Movement and place

Summer Edition 2023: Built environment guides

Summer Edition 2023: Neurodiversity

Summer Edition 2023: Colour and luminance contrast

Summer Edition 2023: Gender diversity and inclusion

Newsletter of Latest Posts 13 December 2022

Newsletter of Latest Posts 6 December 2022

Newsletter of Latest Posts 29 November 2022

Newsletter Special Editions – topic specific

Summer Editions 2022

The Outdoors: parks and playspaces

House and Home

Travel and Tourism

Internet and Web


Built Environment 

4th Australian Universal Design Conference

UD2021 Conference Papers Special Edition #2

UD2021 Conference Papers Special Edition 

Summer Editions 2021

Posts from Lizzie’s UDL File

Housing design and policy

Workplace diversity and inclusion

Sport and recreation


Summer Editions 2020

Website Top 10

 Housing design and policy

Travel, transportation, tourism

Sport, play and recreation


Older newsletters

UD2022 Conference Special #3, 4 October 2022

UD2022 Conference Special #2, 27 September 2022

UD2022 Conference Special #1, 20 September 2022

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