Australian Universal Design Conference 2018

2018 Universal Design Conference Brisbane header with logos.The 3rd Australian Universal Design Conference was held in Brisbane on 4-5 September 2018. The theme was, “Home and Away: Creating inclusion everywhere”.

Download the Word document with the program chart that has the links to the presentations. Some presentations also have transcripts from the live captioning.

Abstracts for concurrent sessions including posters are available for download in Word.

Biographies for concurrent session speakers are available for download in Word.

Biographies for keynote session speakers are available for download in Word.

With more than 120 attendees, five countries present and five Australian states represented, it was a very successful Australian Universal Design Conference. The atmosphere was abuzz with like-minded colleagues catching up and new friendships forming. We were welcomed by Meaghan Scanlon, Assistant Minister for Tourism Industry Development, and Neroli Holmes, Acting Anti-Discrimination Commissioner.


Nicki Hutley (transcript) gave us the benefit of her years of research and declared that everyone benefits from inclusion both economically and socially.

Amy Child (transcript) covered some of the many aspects in her slides to consider with driverless cars. 

Chris Veitch (transcript) – Accessible Tourism: Everyone can benefit from an inclusive approach (slides).

Concurrent session speaker slides

Thea Kurdi from Canada –  Living in Place: Who are we designing for?

Lorraine Guthrie from New Zealand – Accessibility Charter for Canterbury: Collaborating to go beyone compliance

Michael Small – Developing the conditions to support a universal design approach

Emily Steel – Universal Design in social policy: Addressing the paradox of equality

Tom Bevan – Case Study: Accessible beaches for all.

Karen Fanhauser – If it’s not universally designed you are leaving us behind.

Margaret Ward – Universal design is all new housing: calling COAG to account

Lorraine Guthrie – Accessibility Charter for Canterbury 

Apeksha Gohil – Universal Design Consultation Guide for occupational therapy practitioners

Nadia Feeney – A journey in inclusive tourism: Finding and providing the right information

Chris Maclean – Everyone’s business: Inclusive tourism online learning course

Penny Galbraith – Home Coming? A story of reassurance, opportunity and hope

Jill Franz – Up and Away: Improving accessibility of airports for travellers with dementia

For more slides download the program with links.

Here are a few pictures from the event.

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