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CUDA logoWelcome to our website! We have lots of information and research papers about universal design and inclusive practice. You can find topics by using the search box at the bottom of the left hand menu, or you can try one of the menu items. New items are added every week and you can get these by subscribing to the newsletter. As you can see, universal design covers a lot of things!

The aim of universal design is to create a more inclusive world. The principles can be applied to products, buildings and open spaces, and websites. Learning programs, services, policies and all kinds of practices are also covered. Universal design is also part of conversations about sustainability, resilience, health and wellbeing. It is a thinking process not a specific or special type of product. 

Universal design is also known by other names such as: inclusive design, design-for-all, human centred design, design for diversity, and user centred design. While some might argue there are differences, they all aim for the same thing – an inclusive world.

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