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Universal design is about creating an inclusive society. It is not a type of product – it is a design thinking process. That means it can be applied to anything and everything that is designed in our world.

One way of introducing designers and others to universal design concepts is through the 8 Goals of Universal Design. Briefly, they are:

        1. Body Fit
        2. Comfort
        3. Awareness
        4. Understanding
        5. Wellness
        6. Social integration
        7. Personalization
        8. Cultural appropriateness

Universal design is also known as: inclusive design, design-for-all, human centred design, design for diversity, and user centred design. While some might argue there are differences, they all aim for the same thing – an inclusive world. Our free online course gives a quick introduction to the concepts and how they can be applied. 

Because inclusion by design covers so many things this website has separate sections for different disciplines. By using the search box at the bottom of the left hand menu, you can find information on a wide range of topics. Or you can select menu tabs. 

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