Excellence Award for UWA

Picture taken from the website with the title of the project and a picture of a residential streetThe University of Western Australia’s RESIDential Environments research project has won a major excellence award. This longditudinal study comparing 19 “liveable”, 44 “conventional” and 10 “hybrid” developments has informed the WA Liveable Neighbourhoods Policy. Two thousand new home owners planning to relocate to one of 73 new housing developments were surveyed over a 9 year period. The project was specifically looking at movement network, urban structure, residential diversity, public open space and schools.

You can read the award overview on the Center for Active Design webpage, and more detail on the project itself from the UWA RESIDential Environment Study page. The project has produced more than 50 publications and a new project is underway. Guidelines and other documents can be downloaded from this site.