Home life is changing fast

A family room with a couch, cushions and a throw.A lot of people don’t feel “at home”, at home according research carried out by IKEA. This company has a vested interest in looking ahead to plan for customer needs and aspirations. So it was a surprise to find that a significant proportion of people, according to their worldwide research, don’t feel at home, at home. There could be many factors for this, but perhaps, in Australia, given we haven’t really significantly changed the basic design of homes for 100 years, could design be part of the story? Home purchasers only have the choices they are given by designers whether an apartment or a free-standing house – unless you can afford a architectural bespoke home. And these choices are mainly around cosmetic features. Time to re-think the way we live in 21st century, and the way our lives are impacted by home design and new technologies. A touch of universal design thinking might help – it is underpinned by being user-centric. See the article from the FastCo website for the overview of the findings and links to the IKEA report.  A fascinating read.