Diveristy in Advertising

A busy night street scene in America showing neon brand signs.Who is in the room when decisions about diversity are made can be crucial to the design of an advertising campaign. This point is made in a FastCo article that showcases a new online tool to help brands make advertising more inclusive. Who makes the advertising and who appears in it is as important as what is being advertised. Big name brands need to consider who they are reflecting back to us.

Advertising agencies claim they have difficulty sourcing diverse individuals for their ads. Grow your Circle is an open source database that aims to bring together diverse advertisers and actors. The idea started when a company wanted an all-female production crew and found it difficult to fill every position. The idea of the database is a good one, but it remains to be seen if it really takes off. At least someone is trying. The article has a video explaining the issues. Would be good to see a similar database in Australia.

Editor’s note: Ageing (aging) and disability did not come up on my search. However, they did appear in a cluster where Black, Hispanic and Women are search terms. The database has a way to go before it is well populated. 

Sorry. I didn’t see it

Bright red disappearing text saying digital marketing.The advertising industry has some the most creative minds. They have the job of finding the right message at the right time to the right people. But what about people that can’t see that message? People who a blind, have low vision, or colour blindness could be among them. According to the Centre for Inclusive Design blog, there are some 357,000 people who are blind or have low vision in Australia. And it’s not just about advertisements. Simple design flaws can be found almost every day; things like using white text on an orange or light blue background, or grey on light grey designs. The blog site has some easy tips to follow. Axess Lab also has more on colour vision deficiency.