Sunday Designers: Can they really design?

A decorative design that looks like a fish and flowers.What makes a talented designer? This question was put to Yasushi Kusume, Innovation and Creative Manager at IKEA. The answers are not new – get a good team of designers together from a range of disciplines and keep people at the centre of the design.
The article on the Design Council website looks at this and the question of “Sunday Designers”. This is what they call the DIY movement in Japan. The article also discusses the move towards making design a step by step process. Design is not a step by step process – often called “design thinking”. One step by step process does not fit all.

“In today’s business world, knowledgeable, skilled and talented designers are valued less than the actual process steps defined by ‘design thinking’. The perception is that those steps are more important than the competencies involved. In ‘The Design Thinking Movement is Absurd’ Lee Vinsel, Assistant Professor of Science, Technology, and Society at Virginia Tech hit the nail on the head when he wrote, “In the end, design thinking isn’t about design. It’s not about the liberal arts. It’s not about innovation in any meaningful sense. It’s certainly not about “social innovation” if that means significant social change. It’s about commercialisation.”