Auckland Conversations: a quick wrap-up

picture taken at the top of a flight of steps showing an open area in an urban environment in the distance. Auckland Conversations event.As I reported last newsletter, I was invited to be a member of the panel session that followed Valerie Fletcher’s presentation at Auckland Conversations: Designing for People in Mind which attracted 500 people. Auckland Conversations is a regular and free event hosted by Auckland Council.

While much of what Valerie had to say is not new to followers of universal design, I was intrigued to hear about a neurological study using eye-tracking techniques that found architects view buildings differently from everyone else. I was able to mention Livvi’s Place (playgrounds), housing, and a few experiences from my Churchill Fellowship study trip.

I’ve made a few notes of some key points which include some of the key slides from Valerie’s presentation to emphasise the point. You can download in Word or download in PDF format. The other panel member apart from Valerie was Martine Abel who is the specialist advisor to Auckland Council.

The whole 2 hour event was filmed and is available for download from the Auckland Council website. The panel session starts one hour into the YouTube video.

Valerie Fletcher is CEO of the Institute for Human Centered Design based in Boston Massachusetts. 

Jane Bringolf, Editor