Can I get there? Can I play? Can I stay?

Front cover of Everyone Can play guideline. Can I get there? Can I Play? Can I Stay?
Front cover of the guideline

The Everyone Can Play guideline developed by the NSW Office of Open Space and Parklands has three guiding principles. Can I get there? Can I Play? Can I stay?  These three principles embody the essence of universal design. They were distilled from an inclusive design process involving key stakeholders in a series of workshops. The guideline content was discussed and agreed throughout the process and is presented in an interesting and engaging way in the final document. 

The three Can I…? principles are best described by those who use playspaces, and three videos below do just that.

Can I get there? relates the experience of a parent:

Can I play? relates a family experience.  

Can I stay? relates the experience of grandparents

However, the 3 Can I’s are more than this. They can be used by council staff to evaluate existing playspaces to see what needs improving. Designers and planners can use them as overarching design guidance to keep them on track. 

The 3 Can I’s are transferrable to other situations. Can I get there? is generic to all designs. Can I play? is being able to do whatever it was you came to do. Can I stay? is feeling welcome and comfortable for as long as you choose or need. 

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