Changing Places or Lift and Change?

changing places toilet showing a large change table and hoistThe topic of universal design vs specialised design and Changing Places toilets has received more attention. George Xinos has written an article on this topic in Sourceable. His key point is that there is enough confusion within the industry on anything to do with access and disability without adding to it. However, this is not the whole story. In an effort to get more adult change facilities built, the NSW Government recently made funds available to assist local councils to build an adult change facility or to retrofit a suitable space. This meant that although the facility is fully functional with the essential change table, lifting gear and toilet, they might not meet the Changing Places best design practice and consequently could not be accredited as such and use the logo. Hence the additional term, Lift and Change. The aim has been to find a flexible way to get some functional adult change facilities built as quickly as possible whether they meet the standards of Changing Places or the Master Checklist for Lift and Change faciltiies, which have been published by Local Government NSW. Access Consultant John Evernden made a presentation at the 2017 Inaugural Disability Inclusion Access Awards which explains things in greater detail with case studies of success stories.

Changing Places facilities are not meant to replace or substitute for standard unisex accessible toilets. The same applies to NSW Lift and Change facilities.