Artificial Intelligence everyone can understand

Front cover of the book with graphics on a bright orange background.We need more things in Easy Read and Easy English. But it’s actually harder to use less words than to use more. And it’s not easy to do simple sentences without patronising readers. But if the words are to the point and in logical order more people can understand the message. Not many experts have presented Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a way everyone can understand. 

Award-winning product designer and ex-Googler Matteo Loglio’s book Many Intelligences”, shows a positive glimpse into a distant future. It has a storyline and great illustrations. He has made this complex subject accessible. It’s a good example of how important information can be communicated in writing.

The article in FastCompany about the book has a few slides of the pages to give you the idea. The title of the article is, This cute book explains AI to children, without scary Terminators.  You can also find a short review on the idlesociety website where it is presented as a book for everyone

The demand for instant information without the effort of reading for too long is here to stay. Hence some social media platforms tell you how many minutes it will take to read an article. And of course Twitter makes you choose your words carefully because of the character limit. 

There are more articles on Easy English and Easy Read on this website. Use the search button on the left hand menu. With 40% of the population unable to read English well, or at all, writing inclusively is a skill more people need.