Liveable Communities Toolkit by COTA TAS

COTA TAS graphic showing the 9 domains of the WHO liveability: outdoor spaces and building, transportation, housing, social participation, respect and social inclusion, civic participation and employment, communication and information, community and health services
8 Domains of Liveability

The Liveable Communities toolkit by COTA TAS is a great resource. It’s based on the World Health Organization’s Age Friendly Cities and Communities framework the online toolkit is aimed at local government.

Of course, being age friendly, it really means all ages. However, the focus is on an ageing population – Tasmania having the largest proportion of any state. While it is designed for local government, the information about the 8 domains is relevant to a range of disciplines.

Elements of the toolkit include some statistics, 10 easy ways and 5 large scale ways to improve your community, digital technology, resources, and how to become a liveable community. It also has a very useful PowerPoint slide show (9MB) with lots of graphics. 

toolkit banner in burnt orange with white text