Lizzie’s UDL File

Adults seated at tables in a classroom setting looking forward to the instructor at the front of the room. UDL File.In this section of the website you can find all the posts in Lizzie’s UDL File. It has lots of practical tips and information about Universal Design for Learning in all types of education programs.

Lizzie Davis has a background in both architectural design and teaching and learning. Her passion is about creating learning experiences that celebrate learning diversity, reduce limitations to learning and that empower, inform and inspire. She focuses on the practical side of Universal Design for Learning.

Research papers and other resources for UDL are in a separate UDL section

The three pillars of UDL are multiple means of:

Three principles of UDL - expression, representation, engagement.
Three pillars of UDL courtesy NSW Education
      1. Engagement
      2. Representation
      3. Action and Expression


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