Mobilising Design

Dark blue cover of the book Mobilising DesignDesign of movement in terms of pedestrians, cyclists and transport systems is the subject of the book Mobilising Design. The book chapters are written by various academics and should be of interest to both theorists and practitioners wanting to understand how design impacts on the way people move around in various environments and in various ways. For example, the “Legible London” chapter covers wayfinding systems and pedestrian mapping. “Being wheeled through the hospital” chapter looks at people’s spatial experiences in movement. 

The book takes a multi-disciplinary approach to design incorporating, geography, sociology, economic history, architecture, design and urban theory. There are many case studies demonstrating the diverse roles of design in cities, in buildings, transport infrastructure, and through work and leisure activities. 

This recently published book is available for purchase and is edited by Justin Spinney, Suzanne Reimer, and Philip Pinch. It is part of the Routledge Studies in Human Geography. The Table of Contents lists the broad spectrum of contributors and topics.