Netflix seeks inclusion both sides of the camera

Netflix inclusion report front coverNetflix has worked on getting an inclusive workplace and now they want inclusive content. Their inclusion report shows where they stand on inclusion factors. Now Netflix wants inclusion on both sides of the camera. There is still a lot of work to do.

The Netflix report is based on a study conducted by the University of Southern California. While they have made a lot of progress there is still more to do especially with racial/ethnic groups. The report has some interesting statistics. For example, 52% of all leads/co-leads were women and girls. Female film directors were not as well represented. The biggest area for reform now is the racial/ethnic contributions.

Title of the article on FastCompany is, This is how inclusive Netflix’s original programming really is.  

The Netflix webpage has a video outlining the content of the report, Sowing the Seeds: Inclusion takes root at Netflix.  There’s and audio version too. 

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